Who we are?

We are a family company from Poland, which began its adventure with children’s clothes at the time when our babies appeared in the world. By using many clothing products available to children from birth, we collected our observations regarding the quality, method of implementation and constantly looked for the answer to the question „how this could be done better?”.

Our Core Values

It soon became apparent that many parents have similar thoughts to ours. Therefore, we decided to sew the first sleepsuit, taking into account all that was in our heads all inconvenience and what can be easily removed. It became our passion – that’s how our first products were created: sleepsuits and bodys.


Immediately afterwards, familiar mothers began to contact us, who liked the solutions we introduced very much. With great enthusiasm, we decided to share our ideas with the world, which is why we started the adventure with the Amazon platform, where all our products are available.

As time passes, the portfolio of our products is growing – we are still obsessed with the principle – our products, in addition to the highest quality and interesting designs, are to facilitate everyday use and, above all, serve a very, very long!
We’re not taking the easy way!

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